Financial Literacy for Factory Workers

CSR Financial Literacy for Rural Women

Financial Literacy for Young Girls

Financial Literacy for Disadvantaged Youth

Financial Literacy for Blue Collar Workers

Financial Inclusion Campaign for Labourers

Financial Literacy for Ragpickers

Investor Education for Teachers

Financial Awareness for Children

Jan Dhan Bank Account Opening Camp

Financial Dignity for Labour

Financial Awareness for Peer Educators

One to One Financial Discussions

Financial Literacy Centre (FLC)

CASH NEFT SBI Financial Inclusion

Sanchayan is committed exclusively to Neutral Financial Literacy for Indians

We have only 1 Mission since 2009

“Empower Indians by making them Financially Literate”

Why is Financial Literacy important?

  • Helps people to make efficient financial decisions
  • Educates people about the benefits of investing in stock markets
  • Empowers to women to understand their financial rights & duties
  • Builds a strong knowledge foundation among the youth
  • Manage household budgets in times of inflation
  • Educates farmers to manage agricultural price shocks and predict forecasts
  • Financial Inclusion creates an equitable society for all Indians (Jan Dhan Yojana)

Our Programs

We design and implement financial education and awareness programs for School Children, Youth, Working Professionals, Farmers and almost everyone who needs financial education.

Read & Educate Yourself

We write independent & neutral articles on financial matters like savings, credit cards, digital literacy, Jan Dhan Yojana, household budgets, insurance, remittances, financial inclusion, payments, money transfer, fintech startups, Indian Government programs on financial inclusion, money management and other personal finance topics.