Credit Card Tips & Tricks

Credit Card Tips & Tricks

In this article we share with you some Tips & Tricks to use your credit card smartly

Almost all credit cards charge interest rate more than 40% if you fail to pay the amount due after the credit period which is around 1 month! How do you feel about using credit cards after knowing this fact – that credit cards charge interest rates of more than 40% !! Well, we feel the same way about credit cards. We don’t hate credit cards but you will agree that:

“A credit card should be the last option for you. You should only use your credit card only in case you face a severe emergency”

So, what are some easy to remember Tips & Tricks if you have to use a credit card and there is no other option. We share some easy tips for you to remember next time you use your credit card:

  • Don’t Overspend – We have a tendency to overspend when paying by a credit card.

  • Never store your card details – It can be misused. If you forget to uncheck the “auto-renewal” option, many companies charge your card for recurring payments when it becomes due, without your permission.

  • Never go for shopping with your credit card – We believe that “what you can afford to buy, you can afford to pay.” Use your debt card when shopping. Or wait till next month when you get your salary.